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Osteria Pozzo Roverso

Home to those who love good food! Gluten free pasta, pizza and desserts


Eating well is a prerogative that no one wants to give up, to the restaurant you always expect to eat wonderful things and flavors that blends in the mouth like an orchestra, here, at Osteria Pozzo Rover so we can paraphrase by saying that the dishes represent ‘ whole season “musical taste.”

Honoring the palate is an art to know Pozzo Roverso mix cleverly, all in a cozy and very special family atmosphere, the customer is immediately relaxed and at ease, very important point because it allows you to fully enjoy each dish.

About Us

It is a mark of the Osteria, all customers are served a drink, even if they haven’t requested it, it is offered by the “home” as the saying goes, this is obviously very much appreciated by customers and is a tribute now become customary like the indoor obviously customers are excited about this attention… and the reviews speak for themselves!

Obviously after starting with a good drink, the choice is the beginning, the musical attack with which to delight your palate with the sensational “Kitchen orchestral”. Can not miss with the first fresh pasta “homemade”, what can be said of tagliolini with spider crab, stuff to stay there with his mouth open as much for the presentation but especially on the palate, impossible to describe!

Then no shortage of classics, the evergreen risotto squid and fish, among the top favorite with tourists from around the world who come to Venice for sightseeing and eating Italian and Venetian specialties.

About specialties …

Our Menu

Who does not know the Cicchetti? No? Then the Osteria Pozzo Roverso is the ideal destination to discover and taste it in all its variants. To give you an idea of what it is we say they are the tidbits tease or comparable to the Spanish tapas, mind you, only as a “philosophy” because actually the Cicchetti are far tastier and appetizing.

And speaking of Osteria specialties, we must mention the cod dishes, cooked in different versions, including Vicenza a classic Venetian cuisine. At this point we cannot leave a plate of those that crazy about the many local and foreign clients, delicious sardines and shrimp in sauce, a Venetian very classic not to be missed especially the Well Roverso

Among the specialties of note is the excellent choice of wines from the Veneto, local and national, the best grapes squeezed from italic to accompany the great food taste and unique flavor.

Seasonal, traditional products But also a culinary evolution

In respect of seasonality and traditions, the raw materials used are only seasonal, then, according to the period you can enjoy dishes cooked with the available products, respecting the natural production cycles.

The philosophy of the Osteria is to please customers with traditional specialties and offering healthy cuisine and articulated but also in step with the times, according to the needs of many people, in fact, eating gluten free is normal, you can find several gluten-free dishes, and of course they could not let “thirsty” customers, so supplied can be combined with the excellent beers always gluten free.

Great atmosphere and great food all in one place!

Our Place

What is striking about the restaurant is the decor, modern with a rustic hanging pentolami of copper and wood that heats the real family atmosphere. In tremendous location to visit the center, Osteria is behind Piazza San Marco and Castello in Venice.

At the cozy interior of the restaurant that can accommodate fifty people, in the months of summer you add another 40 seats in the comfortable patio garden of the Osteria, for outdoor dining in a very representative of the city setting, to really experience only.

The international clientele always gladly returns Osteria Pozzo Roverso, for many tourists, it is an essential event, while for local customers is a place that becomes an extension of their home, so great is the familiarity and complicity taken.

Beautiful cityscape, but also good table, all this is now routine and the customers are the best advocates of the Osteria Pozzo Roverso.



Contact Us

Ruga Giuffa, 4829, 30122 Venezia

+39 041 520 2759


Opening Hours:
Open every day from 11 am to 10.30 pm.
Wednesday closed.